If you followed the series, you would have seen the Celebrity Masterchef final, where three UK stars battled it out to win the masterchef trophy.

In the final, we saw the three contestants trying their best to master the kitchen to cook fine British Indian food.

The owner of the London restaurant, Benares, happily taught the stars his signature dishes.

The first Indian chef in the world to win a Michelin star, Atul Kochhar shows the beauty behind British Indian fusion food.

British chef, Gregg Wallace refers to Atul as the “Godfather of fine Indian cuisine.”

The starter consisted of the widely loved chicken tikka masala. The chicken was marinated in yoghurt cheddar cheese, herbs and spices, before cooked in a traditional 400 degrees hot tandoori oven.

BBC reporter Louise Minchin, also had to cook boneless chicken wings in a spiced tempura batter, the best of fusion food.


The Kolkata egg roll speaks volumes about the real nature of the eastern Indian city that devours this tasty snack at every opportunity.
You’ll have heard the expression “we are what we eat”, but the egg roll suggests it would be more accurate to say we eat what we are.
Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, was once the greatest port city on earth.
It was the pivot-point of a crucial moment in world history, the moment the flow of wealth from west to east was reversed.
Since Roman times, Europe had always been what historian Nick Robins calls “Asia’s commercial supplicant”. It shipped out gold and silver in return for spices, textiles and luxury goods.

This is the 17th article in a BBC series India on a plate, on the diversity and vibrancy of Indian food. Other stories in the series:

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